How do you keep track of what is happening in your business?

Would you like to have a better overview of your business and be able to easily grasp the information of the ERP? Perhaps you have several different systems that demand needless work to acquire important information? At Elvenite, we specialize in getting to know your business and utilizing internal resources to provide information based on your needs and present it in a lucid manner.


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Elvenite helps you benefit from your ERP in an efficient way and makes its information comprehensible and useful – right when it is needed.
Thanks to our partnership with QlikView, we have access to one of the most user-friendly and recognized Decision Support Systems on the market.

Some of the intelligent solutions that give our clients valuable information to lead their companies forward are:

  • Production planning – a detailed breakdown of the material requirements plan, where planned, reported and remaining production is shown in the current situation and from a historical perspective.
  • Traceability – follow-up and tracing of products across the entire value chain from purchases to deliveries.
  • Stock – applications to analyse stock levels and turnover for each region, country and repository.
  • Supplier – follow-up per supplier with KPI’s such as Delivery Precision and Claims.
  • POS analysis – follow-up of sales data with analysis of trends and sales patterns.


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With our collective experience and knowledge of your line of business, we make sure to compile the right information from your ERP. We also give you the means to embrace that knowledge and convert it into value adding measures for your company.