How do you make your operation run smoothly? Make sure you use your ERP in the most efficient way possible! Regardless of what type of system you use, it is imperative that it functions the way you desire and that it can evolve along with your business. We streamline your ERP and your operations through continuous improvement.


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We mainly work with Infor M3 which is a world leading ERP. Our consultants have more than 20 years of experience and are certified for the latest version. Through our partnership with Infor, we have access to the latest news and current training. We ensure that you can utilize your ERP efficiently, based on your processes and the demands of your line of business.

Examples of unique solutions and integrations with M3:

  • Mobile distribution and repository solutions – management of repository activities and transportation of goods by the help of pocket and truck computers.
  • Point of sale solutions – prices, articles and sales captured in the checkout are coupled with M3. The store shelf is monitored by M3 and is automatically restocked based on sales forecast and promotions.
  • Integration with transport optimization systems – exportation and importation of outgoing deliveries are planned and optimized in the TMS system.
  • Tracking solutions – management and tracking of batched foodstuffs, including tagging of the products.
  • Order and production portals – web-based portals that move M3 out on the web to provide client related functions and internal solutions, such as packaging instructions.


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50 experienced consultants

With our long and profound competence in M3, we are your turnkey supplier of services that improve and streamline your business with help from the ERP.


Through our collaboration in Primeport, we have created a strong team from western Sweden and Norway in association with Vince and Meridion. Together, we have about 50 highly qualified M3 consultants at your service.