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At Elvenite, you play an important part and you have an individually set and very competitive wage as well as privileges such as health promotion reimbursement, pension, an individual education plan and awesome colleagues. In exchange, we expect you to show great competence, have a delightful personality and lots of initiative and to always rise to the challenge. Have a look at our available positions; are you the one we are looking for? Or are you the one we should be looking for? Send us an open application and we will have a look at it.

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  • Våra tjänster inom ERP & Integration

    • Verksamhets- & processutveckling
    • Konfigurering Infor M3
    • Systemintegration
    • Systemarkitektur & utveckling
    • Support Infor M3
    • Projektledning
  • The M3 installation for our Spanish department has lead to reduced complexity for our Norwegian operation, and strengthened our competitiveness in the Spanish and Portuguese market. All done through the company’s strategy!

    Henning Livastøl
    Planning Manager
    Marine Harvest RMT Europé
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What we do

At Elvenite, we know that business is about interaction. We know that good business is created through consideration, respect and good relations. With our three service areas, ERP & Integration; Business Intelligence and Social Enterprise, we can provide a holistic approach to our clients’ business problems.

Read more about our areas of expertise:

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Working at Elvenite

Individually, we are business developers, web architects, runners, DJs, business consultants and triathletes. But together, we are Elvenite. Together, we are a perfect combination of wit, will, commitment and competence. And we know that good results are created by continuous improvement. Read more about what it’s like to work at Elvenite. [/column]