The best environment for cooperation creates the winners of tomorrow.

Have you grown tired of email chaos and bloated inboxes? Do you feel there should be more efficient ways to communicate, share and access information? Is Excel practically your primary business system, but with documents spread out in different places and with different people? Do you want to keep track on your business information regardless of where you are located, while being able to engage in inspiring and efficient cooperation? Whether it is about mobility, social networks or web-based portals and integrations, we have the solutions.



Web solutions for cooperation and knowledge management.

At Elvenite, we believe it should be as obvious as easy to share and gain information in the workplace – with everyone working together in the same IT environment. How do you want to collaborate? With our collective knowledge about business development and smart, web-based solutions, we give you the tools to improve the interface between your company and the surrounding world.

A few examples of solutions:

  • CRM systems – handle customer information, keep up with business opportunities and customer activities.
  • Customer portal – integration with Movex/M3 to get an overview of ordering and order status via the web.
  • Intranet – share information and documentation with colleagues with agile methods.
  • Project planning/Project management – Manage projects and documentation together with project members in a common portal.

We help you develop with Podio

Thanks to our collaboration with Podio we can make sure that you and your colleagues get a natural forum for exchanging information in your network. Feel free to read more about our partnership with Podio – the best cooperation platform in the world (at least according to us)!